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At Central Texas Helping Hands, we have worked in various aspects of social services within the Central Texas community. Over the past few years, we have learned that these populations often have no family and live alone, in group homes, or with a foster family. We also noticed that there seems to be a breakdown of interaction between adults with disabilities, seniors, and the communities in which they live. These populations are often overlooked or forgotten by their communities, which is what we are here to correct.


Seeing their smiles, hearing their stories, and seeing their eagerness to be treated as adults inspired us to do what we could to help get them involved in their community. Stuart and I took a leap of faith to enhance their quality of life and formed our own organization.


Patty &  Stuart

Owners and Operators of Central Texas Helping Hands

"One story that always stands out to me and embodies what we here at Central Texas Helping Hands are all about is the story of a widowed elderly gentleman I recently visited. While he was married, he and his wife would celebrate their wedding anniversary by spending the weekend at a hotel and going to dinner. After she passed away, he continued the tradition to honor her memory.


He suffers from various illnesses, along with loneliness. On his birthday, I asked what he would like for a gift. He answered simply: “Whataburger!” I proudly delivered to him a Whataburger and a cupcake. He was overjoyed. In my heart, I knew there was more I could do to help support others with similar needs.


Developing this organization is personal, as I have two physically disabled aunts. I was disturbed by the care they received when I visited them at their facilities. I felt hopeless at the lack of care with no consequences. I felt a change needed to be made, and the community deserved a better choice of care.


My vision for Central Texas Helping Hands is an organization where caregivers are following a calling rather than simply filling a space. These adults teach and show us more than we can teach or show them. We understand that families want what is best for their loved ones, and we are driven to provide the best care possible."

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