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At Central Texas Helping Hands, we take great pride in giving our clients a level of care that cannot be beaten. We have seen how those with disabilities have been treated in other facilities. Our goal is to provide your loved ones with the care and compassion they deserve. Our daily activities include gardening, music, social activities, brain fitness, and other community integrating activities. While CTHH has a staff of great people dedicated to giving those with disabilities a fun and exciting life, we always accept volunteers. Volunteers can help us get ahead of projects, schedule more robust activities, and help when short-staffed. 

Why You Should Volunteer At Central Texas Helping Hands

While many places to volunteer in Waco, Texas, not many have the same great satisfaction as helping others at Central Texas Helping Hands. Volunteering at CTHH not only allows you to help those who can’t help themselves, but it also allows you to learn more about others and yourself. Often, our clients teach us more about ourselves than we teach them. Volunteering your time at Central Texas Helping Hands is one of Waco's most rewarding volunteering jobs.


How To Volunteer At Central Texas Helping Hands

If you want to volunteer at Central Texas Helping Hands, simply reach out to us through our contact us page, and our staff will be happy to help you schedule a time to volunteer. We always accept smiling faces to volunteer and help with our day-to-day activities. Whether you simply want to help out once or would like to volunteer on your days off, our staff will be happy to have the help. If you have any questions about volunteering at CTHH or would like to know the requirements of eligibility to volunteer, simply fill out our online contact form and our staff can assist.

Thank you! We will get back with you shortly.

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