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Adult Day Care

What Is An Adult Day Car Center?

An adult day care center is a facility that is designed to provide care and companionship for adults who need assistance or supervision during the day. This can include seniors and those over 18 who may have a physical or mental disability. Most adult daycare centers operate from Mon-Fri and during normal business hours.

Your loved one will enjoy social activities, nutritious meals, recreational fun, community engagement, and much more. Adult day cares are perfect for those who live at home with a permanent caregiver and simply need assistance during the day. This is a great alternative for retirement homes or full-time facilities. These facilities also offer a perfect schedule for caregivers who have to work during the day and can take care of their loved ones at night and on the weekends.


An adult day care center provides adults with transitional care, short-term rehabilitation following hospital discharge, and long-term supportive care. 

What Sets Central Texas Helping Hands Apart?

At Central Texas Helping Hands, we are more than just an adult care provider. Our staff has a passion for helping others and a drive to make a difference in our community. Our mission is to support seniors, adults with disabilities, and their families. We want all individuals to reach their full independence with an emphasis on community involvement by promoting the care for each adult with dignity and respect.


We are a state licensed Day Activity Health Service facility and provide daytime support Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Our program addresses physical, mental, medical and social needs. Services are payable through Texas Medicaid MCO's such as United Health Care, Superior Health Plan and the HCS Waiver Program through MHMR.

If you want more information about our Day Activity & Health services, fill out our contact us form!

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