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High School Transition

What Are Transition Services From High School?

High school transition services, also known as transition to adulthood, are transition services for children with disabilities who may be in special education or have disabilities. If a student has a disability, it can be extremely helpful to plan ahead for their transition once they graduate high school. It is also required by the Individuals With Disabilities Act.

IDEA’s Definition Of Transition Services

§300.43 Transition services.


(a) Transition services mean a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that—


(1) Is designed to be within a results-oriented process that is focused on improving the academic and functional achievement of the child with a disability to facilitate the child’s movement from school to post-school activities, including postsecondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation;


(2) Is based on the individual child’s needs, taking into account the child’s strengths, preferences, and interests; and includes—


(i) Instruction;


(ii) Related services;


(iii) Community experiences;


(iv) The development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives; and


(v) If appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and provision of a functional vocational evaluation.


(b) Transition services for children with disabilities may be special education if provided as specially designed instruction or a related service if required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education.


As you can see, Central Texas Helping Hands provides all required services for an easy and successful transition from high school. Keeping teens engaged after high school is vital to making their transition into adulthood. They will learn life skills, continue exercising, get involved with the community, and enjoy fun daily activities. If you want more information regarding our High School Transition services, fill out our online contact form.

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