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Long-Term Services & Supports

What Are Long-Term Services & Support?

According to, millions of Americans need long-term care services due to disabling conditions and chronic illnesses. Long-term services & support refers to various medical, and personal care assistance needs that someone may need for weeks, months, or years. This includes those who have difficulty completing self-care tasks due to aging, chronic illness, or disability. 


Long-term services & support facilities help assist with daily living activities such as eating, dressing, exercising, and more. 


Who Needs Long-Term Services & Support?

There are a variety of reasons that an individual may need LTSS. This includes elderly and non-elderly people with mental and physical disabilities. This can include those with behavioral health diagnoses, traumatic brain injuries, or disabling chronic conditions. As the need for long-term care grows due to more people suffering from illnesses and elders living longer than before, so is the need for a facility you can trust to care for your loved one. That is exactly what we here at Central Texas Helping Hands have set out to do.


What Sets Central Texas Helping Hands Apart?

As a state-licensed Day Activity Health Service facility, Central Texas Helping Hands is more than just an adult care provider. Our staff has a passion for helping others and a drive to make a difference in our community. Our mission is to support seniors, adults with disabilities, and their families. We want all individuals to reach their full independence with an emphasis on community involvement by promoting the care for each adult with dignity and respect.


As a member of our long-term services facility, your loved ones will enjoy life-affirming activities such as music, exercise, gardening, brain fitness, games, special events, and community integration.

If you want more information about our Long-Term Services & Support, fill out our contact us form!

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